Cultural History: Opportunity to Learn and Build on Successes


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Cultural History: Opportunity to Learn and Build on Successes
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Question 1
The concept of heritage is something that belongs to all of humanity. Cultural history is valuable in that it provides human beings with the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and build on their successes, and in that way it needs to be shared by all people. Without history, we would not be able to develop the means by which we can evaluate how far we have come as a civilization, and what might need to be changed. In this way, all historical evidence is important, and therefore there are no types of information which should not be consulted. There are valuable contributions from not only historical documents and artifacts, but also from oral...
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.....e participation means that the values of science are not seen as more important than those related to culture. The ideals attached to Western scientific pursuits are not necessarily the only ideals which should lead research into culture. Fourth, effective participation in cultural heritage management requires that conflicts regarding human remains, as noted by the article, should tend toward the conservative rather than the collaborative. When it comes to physical bodies, cultural considerations are often more emotional. Fifth, cultural imperialism must be examined from both sides of the participation debate, as noted by the readings, because of the fact that more indigenous groups are obtaining the power to control their cultural remains.