Cultural Diversity, or the Lack Thereof, in Smalltown, U.S.A.


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Cultural Diversity, or the Lack Thereof, in Smalltown, U.S.A.
“America is a melting pot.” That phrase is ubiquitous throughout the media and academia and is borne out in data collected by the Census Bureau. By all accounts, the Latino population is the fastest growing “minority” in the United States, followed by those of Asian heritage. By 2009 4 states, Hawaii, New Mexico, California, and Texas, had “minority” populations that exceeded 50% of the state population overall. The growing minority may be the case in metropolitan, urban and small city areas, but is still not affecting the population base in many small towns in America. In many rural and small town areas, particularly in the heartland and in the Midwest, whole population...
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..... up to the educational system to take on the responsibility of teaching students about others’ racial and ethnic heritage, even if only a handful are of a nationality other than European.
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