Cruelty of War in “Three Day Road”


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The beginning:
Cruelty of War in "Three Day Road"
A look at the novel, three day road: what does the novel as a whole say about war?
This paper looks at the aforementioned novel by Joseph Boydon and outlines what the novel says about war and about what war does to those who must kill when trapped in its snare? Of particular importance, the next several pages will look at how Elijah and Xavier are changed physically and spiritually by their experiences in the midst of war and will conclude by looking at how Three Day Road is relevant to our own time and circumstances. In the end, this story is about how war dehumanizes and brutalizes people; it can take their limbs but, more often, it destroys their souls.
First of all, war wounds and kills; to be a...
The end:
.....nt far away to fight secretive and mysterious enemies who easily blend in with the local inhabitants. In that sense, the novel reminds people of how good human beings – or even human beings who may be mostly good but have certain anti-social tendencies which are not stirred by everyday life – become killers when faced with the carnage of war.
To end, this paper has argued that Elijah and Xavier both changed drastically during the war – with Elijah becoming a killer whilst Xavier became wracked by guilt at what happened as the war sped along. As much as anything, we learn that war ravages the mind as well as the body, the soul and spirit as much as the physical being.
Boyden, Joseph. Three Day Road. Toronto: Viking Canada, 2005.