Critique of the Paper: Behavioural Research (Organizational Psychology)


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Critique of the Paper: Behavioural Research (Organizational Psychology)
All research efforts are flawed in some way; this is a grim reality. Some flaws can be overcome but other flaws cannot be overcome. The ensuing paper shall look at an article by North and Hargreaves (1998) and explore the strengths and deficiencies of this work.
To start with, the purpose of the research is simple: it aims to explore the effects of music in a commercial listening environment upon the purchasing intentions of customers via playing three different musical styles over cafeteria loudspeakers or PA systems over a span of four days (North & Hargreaves, 1998).
The research strategy, as hinted at above, involved playing different types of music over...
The end: music from another composer might do nothing of the sort. The problem is true for the other musical types, too, and the fact that the music was only presented during mid-day stretches (North & Hargreaves, 1998) means that we do not even have the satisfaction of knowing if the peculiar rhythms of a typical school day were not driving the purchasing decisions of students and causing the spike; in other words, the test period over-emphasized the noon-hour period when one could expect to see more students buy more things than at any other time of the day.
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