Critique of Quantitative Research Article


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The beginning:
Critique of Quantitative Research Article
, C. and Kramer, M. (2007). Types of intensive care
units with the healthiest, most productive work environments. American Journal of Critical Care, 16(5): 458 – 469.
Previous studies comparing the quality and productivity of
intensive care nursing have grouped all ICUs together within a sample. This may mask differences in responses that enable care processes in different types of units.
Study Purpose
The purpose of this study was to identify the differences in nurse perceptions of the work environment by type of intensive care unit so as to differentiate the units.
Research Questions
The primary research questions are: 1) How healthy are ICU work environments?, and 2) What...
The end:
.....sion that nurses in this study reported highly productive work environments was presumed based on the sample selection and was not a result of any manipulation of the research design. Neonatal nurses indication of the highest percentage of satisfaction with attributes of their work environment in comparison to medical and coronary units (MICU), surgical cardiovascular and trauma units (SICU), and mixed medical surgical care units (MSICU), provides no insight into the applicability of these findings to all neonatal or other types of units. In addition, the conclusion that the linkages and relationships found in this study, as compared to the original study, will advance theory and management practice holds little validity or practical value.