Critique of Quantitative Article


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Critique of Quantitative Article
Adolescent mothers very often do not begin breastfeeding their infants or stop the practice very early. Many benefits are being lost to both mother and child. Mossman and
(2008) study focused on maternal confidence and attitudes to address the issue. There are some minor flaws with the study but this research has important implications for nursing.
Research problem and purpose
The research problem is lack of understanding by adolescent mothers related to the need for exclusive breastfeeding so that these mothers often do not initiate breastfeeding or discontinue the practice early. The purpose of the study was to explore the influence of breastfeeding confidence and attitudes on...
The end:
.....thors are that correlations between the independent and dependent variables are never entirely strong. The authors also mention the problems for generalizability caused by the convenience sample and how the sample was recruited.
This study focuses on variables that normally would not receive focus in health teaching. Planned duration is an example and shows how nurses must do careful assessment before beginning health teaching. The study also has value for showing nurses where to direct their focus.
Mossman, M.,
, M., Dennis, C. & Morris, M. (2008). The influence of adolescent mothers’ breastfeeding confidence and attitudes on breastfeeding initiation and duration. Journal of Human Lactation, 24(3), 268-277.