Critique of Quantitative Article


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Critique of Quantitative Article
and Klein’s study was constructed in an area where all the determinants of health apply and women have little access to care. My own research question was: Between what ages do women have vaginal deliveries? Most studies ignore the factor of race and ethnicity and also deal with maternal age as an important issue. This study focuses on race but also causes a problem for generalizing the results to other Canadians. This paper will focus on the methodology used by the researchers. This is a very complex study but the researchers managed to control the many variables and avoided most of the threats to validity.
The purpose of the study was to investigate the procedures...
The end:
.....eveals that doctors are following best practice guidelines.
The main limitation is that the sample may still not be large enough to account for the many variables involved.
This study did not answer my own research question because it was not designed to do so. This is a complex study because it involved a large sample and involved a substantial timeframe. The main value of the study is that it demonstrates how changing trends in obstetric procedures and maternal outcomes are linked with the determinants of health and with problems in health services.
, H. & Klein, M. (2005). Obstetric maternal outcomes at Bella Coola General Hospital: 1940-2001. Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine, 10(1), 13-22.