Critique of Noah’s Arf Business Plan


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Critique of Noah’s Arf Business Plan
Noah’s Arf is a proposed full-service animal care facility. However, the company’s business plan has three glaring weaknesses: 1. There is no operational leader; 2. There is no plan to scale; and 3. Anticipated margins are unrealistic.
Noah’s Arf is the brainchild of Kris Price, whose background is in customer service. Kris plans to bring on her daughter, a graduate of a veterinary program, but is otherwise vague about her management plan. Kris suggests only that “Noah’s Arf will be organized and managed in a creative, innovative fashion to generate high levels of satisfaction,” but does not explain who the operational head (President/COO) of the business will be. This omission is important, because...
The end: be launched only by companies with major resources (148). 
Finally, although it is a small point, it is still worth pointing out that the title Noah’s Arf will appear frivolous to some religious believers, and appear overtly religious to secular consumers. As such, it is the worst name that could be chosen for a venture of this sort.
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