Critique of “Discussing Animal Rights and Animal Research in the Classroom”


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The beginning:
Critique of "Discussing Animal Rights and Animal Research in the Classroom"
Research problem
The article clearly states the research problem which concerns whether animals should be used in biomedical and behavioral research. The problem is based in the ethics of using various experiments.
The introduction explains the public concerns about the ethical treatment of animals in research. The issue is complex and controversial. Related to the controversy are three rationales for psychology students discussing animal rights. Students need to be aware of political and social issues within psychology; animal rights involve questions pertinent to psychological inquiry; and use of animals in research is being criticized increasingly...
The end:
.....heir reaction, the participants need to be assessed for their feelings to animals and their attitudes to research. To gain a proper idea of how these students would actually behave in a real research situation, there should have been some information provided about all their beliefs and feelings. Even though the article was written 20 years ago, it contains all the issues that remain relevant in today’s world but have become much more intense. From our current perspective, technological advances along with our reliance on animals from mice to monkeys to find solutions make all the past issues far more salient.
Herzog, H. A. (1990). Discussing animal rights and animal research in the classroom. Teaching of Psychology, 17(2), 90-94.