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Critique of Article  
Two research paradigms are used in the study by Bennett, Harper-
, Tone and 
 (2006). These are the combined use of quantitative and qualitative paradigms. However, the main nursing paradigm which is apparent in the study is the holistic paradigm. The authors state that they use a non-experimental, descriptive design which combines two methods. Quantitative data were used as in the investigation of time studies. Two very different areas were being investigated: pharmacology and the practice of nursing. The qualitative research is observed in the use of interviews and focus groups. The purpose of the study was to compare the effectiveness of two systems of medication administration. The holistic...
The end:
.....y of medication administration so that nursing environments might become more efficient and less likely to be marked by medications. There are still other possible approaches to the problem and the use of new technology can assist greatly in reducing errors. 
Bennett, J., Harper-
, A., Tone, J. & 
, Y. (2006). Improving medication administration systems: An evaluation study. The Canadian Nurse, 102(8), 35-38. 
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