Critique of Article: Impact of ICU Liaison Nurse on Patient and Family Anxiety


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Critique of Article: Impact of ICU Liaison Nurse (IV) on Patient and Family Anxiety (DV)
The ICU experience is stressful but transfer from ICU to a ward is also very stressful for both patients and their families. Since anxiety impacts on the physical and psychological wellbeing of patients and families, reducing anxiety is a significant achievement. A block intervention study was used to examine if anxiety can be reduced through the introduction of an ICU liaison nurse. There were 115 patients and 100 families in the study who were assigned to intervention and control groups. The main finding was that the presence of the liaison nurse did not cause a significant reduction in anxiety just before transfer. It was concluded that...
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.....tion to relieve anxiety and psychological distress for patients and families. Nurses also need to define their roles and determine how they can promote health and wellbeing.
The central problem for the lack of impact is linked with the nurse. While anxiety is carefully defined, it can be seen in the literature review that no attention is being paid to the definition of the ICU liaison nurse. The study fell into serious problems with the research design. It needs to be modified and redone.
, W.,
, L., Alcorn, K. & Foster, M. (2007). The effect of an ICU liaison nurse on patients and family’s anxiety prior to transfer to the ward: An intervention study. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 23, 362-369.