Critique of an Essay on “Hamlet”


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Critique of an Essay on "Hamlet"
Many of us use the internet these days to find information we cannot readily find anywhere else; there is nothing wrong with this – as long as we are savvy and skeptical consumers of that online information. Regrettably, at least for those of us who value the internet as a convenient place to find new sources of information, there is a great deal of material that shows up online that is questionable, fraudulent, or even outrageous – and we have to be able to cut through the bad stuff to find the good stuff. The worst essay I have uncovered online with regards to Hamlet is one written by a person called, Declan Stow. Although there are other essays I found that were even more hilariously suspect, they were...
The end:
.....ually taken from another source and simply never credited. It just adds up to a confusing essay that seems to spin into various directions or go on various tangents.
In the end, the essay discussed above is not particularly well-written and it seems very superficial; it is an essay that offers only a broad overview of a fascinating subject and would not hold the attention of anyone who is not a very novice (and maybe careless) reader of the play.
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