Critique of an Article on “Starlight Tours”


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Critique of an Article on “Starlight Tours”
The following paper is a summary and critique of a brief article appearing in our course textbook that details the apparent practice of Saskatoon police taking natives found within urban centers and driving them out to remote locations and then “dumping” them during periods of bitterly cold, inclement weather. The article draws upon material or information compiled by the Canadian broadcasting corporation, by G. Smith of the Globe and Mail via his 2004 investigation into the death of aboriginal Neil Stonechild, and from information contained in the findings of Justice D.H. Wright, a respected justice who oversaw a provincial commission of inquiry into Mr. Stonechild’s death. What...
The end:
..... be lightly dismissed. Finally, as far as how it relates to other works in the field, all that can be said is that it is a useful introduction to a troubling phenomenon that is detailed in greater depth elsewhere.
On balance, this is an article I would recommend because it is brief, powerful and because it sheds light on something that needs to be discussed – police brutality (or allegations of such). However, there are some elements that are left out and, because of that and its brief nature, I think that other articles and other studies are far better for really gaining a sense of what is going on in Saskatoon.
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