Critique of a Business Case Study Presentation


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The beginning:
Critique of a Business Case Study Presentation
This paper is a brief critique (or, rather, a description of a critique) of a business case study presentation. The focus of the critique was chiefly upon the arrangement of information and upon the emphases granted to different aspects of the case presentation. To elaborate, a few of the positive things about the presentation must be articulated as time allows. For example, the discussion of the STP or sales training program was very beneficial insofar as it neatly contextualized the STP and why it might be considered indispensable to grooming new sales associates. Beyond that, the discussion of how the STP prepares sales people for such things as internet utilization (that is to say, how to...
The end:
....., the aforementioned business case study presentation is quite solid in many respects; it absolutely does a good job of explaining Mr. Karvinen’s rationales for making a change that is sweeping and almost revolutionary. The study, however, tells us not nearly enough about the history of the firm and whether Mr. Karvinen’s aggressive tone is in keeping with the best traditions of the organization, there is some filler at the start of the presentation, and it is arguable that the factors which might explain Mr. Karvinen’s peculiar about-face vis-à-vis the STP are glossed over or (to be more accurate) ignored entirely.
Rogers, P.S. (1998). TeknoSport: Communicating to prevent change. Business Communication Quarterly, 61(1): 139-145.