Critique in Beck’s “Nutrition News: Year in Review”


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Critique in Beck's “Nutrition News: Year in Review”
Health Assignments 1 and 2PRIVATE
Assignment #1
The article that will be the focus of this critique is: Beck, L. (2009, March 13), “Nutrition news: Year in review” published in the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail. This paper will critically explore the content and approach of this article with reference to a thematically similar article on nutrition, published in the British newspaper The Independent in the past year, and in the general context of the discussion of nutrition in Chapters 5 and 6 from Hales’s and Lauzon’s An Invitation to Health. The thesis will be argued that while the health implications of Beck (2009) are of significance to all Canadians given the importance of...
The end:
.....n becoming more food-oriented, this nutrition course has been an absolute asset, as my choices will not be arbitrary the way they would have been otherwise. I can only hope that the people I care about will take the time to also become educated in the ways of nutrition, and how these considerations form an aggregate of healthier, happier living. Though I may still eat the occasional fast food hamburger or french fry, this course has made me understand much better the parameters of my own health.
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