Critical Views: Public Servants, Act of Belonging, and Public Watchdog


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Critical Views: Public Servants, Act of Belonging, and Public Watchdog
PPPA 8380 Week 2 Assignments
The public’s increasingly jaded view of public servants is driven by the steady deregulation of public service delivery. The public sector is underfunded and unresponsive to the needs of the public, and the public is aware of this fact and responds accordingly. In this sense, the public is a rational actor that is picking up on policy signals.
Today, to encounter any part of the apparatus of the public sector is to encounter not merely incompetence but outright hostility and denial of service. Think of the DMV, passport offices, the BCIS (formerly the INS), the IRS, etc. Each organ of public service has been underfunded since the early...
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.....o as they like, and the watchdogs cannot stop them. Now and then a public figure is caught in a transgression so fragrant that it has to be punished, but in my view only the idiotic fringe gets punished. In America, public servants have to indulge in extremely stupid and risk forms of deviant behavior to come to the attention of watchdogs, and many forms of unethical behavior simply go under the radar.
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