Critical Thinking: Outline of Basic Climate Change Facts


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Philosophy 252
Critical Thinking: Outline of Basic Climate Change Facts
Final Examination Version D Arif Rahemtulla
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1. This outline of basic climate change facts is indeed just a matter of facts. There is no premise or conclusion and therefore no argument.
2. This argument relating to a positive test for HIV is an argument. The conclusion comes first: (We can conclude that) a test showing as HIV+ does not necessarily mean a death sentence (C). There are two premises: because of the prolonged time for development of antibodies (P1) and because of evidence that people who are HIV+ never develop actual AIDS (P2). The validity of this argument is another question because it is a matter of affirming the consequent. The...
The end:
...... The argument is centered on political power being good because of community participation.
The form of this valid argument is the standard:
If political power (A) then common good (B)
Therefore, B
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