Critical Review of “Women – The Secret Weapon of Modern Warfare?”


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The beginning:
Critical Review of “Women – The Secret Weapon of Modern Warfare?”
The Intersection of Gender and Culture
A critical reading of “Women – The Secret Weapon of Modern Warfare?” suggests that the article’s key strength and its key weakness are one and the same: it being a broad survey of women in diverse fields of conflict, stretching across thousands of miles, decades of time from the Second World War to the so-called War on Terror, and a range of cultures. This presentation will focus attention upon three thematic areas of the article, and in the process highlight points and questions for critical attention. The thematic fields to be explored are: Motivation; Control; and Female Sexuality and the Exotic.
Motivation – An Empirical Question...
The end:
..... suggestion that the “Orient” as a submissive body is not completely subordinate to colonial power? It may be argued that situating the article with reference to Orientalism/colonialism may be illuminating with respect to the implications of women’s bodies as weapons of war.
Discussion Question:
In the article, Angela Davis raises the issue of racism (27). How does racism impact perceptions/representations of Middle Eastern or South Asian women’s bodies as “weapons” as opposed to Western women’s bodies as “weapons”?
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