Critical Review in William Easterly’s “The White Man’s Burden”


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The beginning:
Critical Review in William Easterly's "The White Man’s Burden"
This paper is a book review of the text, The White Man’s Burden, as penned by William Easterly. The paper looks at the specific topic of the text; the thesis presented; how the work contributes to the overall topic and tone of our course; what sort of materials (primary, secondary or other) are presented in the text; how the accumulated material is used to demonstrate and argue the thesis; whether or not there are alternative views that can be argued from the same sources; what theoretical issues and topics are raised by the text that can be explored further; and what this reviewer’s personal views of the text are after careful consideration. In the end, the book is generally...
The end:, but his points are generally well-taken.
To end, the last several pages have reviewed a provocative book by a leading expert on global economy and on the challenges of providing a better life for the struggling peoples of the global south. The book is commendable in many respects but does appear to heavily denigrate “planners” without realizing that planners are constrained by dark, local forces that they can hardly control. In that regard, maybe it is not so much their plans – though they may well be often flawed – but the ugliness of the regimes with which they must deal.
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