Critical Review: Chapter 2 – Increasing Social Strictures and Laws


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The beginning:
Critical Review: Chapter 2 - Increasing Social Strictures and Laws
This chapter details how the lives of youth are affected by the social structures which are prevalent within three different countries, namely Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. The central argument made in the chapter is that, in general and across different cultures, there is a suspension of childhood and youth which submits young people to the power of older generations for ever-longer periods of time. This is connected to the advent of power structures which are tied to the growth and diffusion of colonialism, and from that the utilization of capitalism. Young people are subject to increasing social strictures and laws that determine and limit their...
The end:
.....past because of the fact that even though the chains of slavery are gone, the stratification with which people grew comfortable remains. It seems to be more important than ever to categorize individuals into different power structures. Racialization has not evaporated, and that coupled with the lack of power allotted to youth begins to help illuminate why so many young people are acting out in our communities today. Without looking at how these social structures are affecting our world, I believe that we, as a society, will never be able to move past the legacy that colonialism and the need for power and control have perpetuated.
Tyyska, V. (2009). Youth and Society: The Long and Winding Road. Toronto ON: Canadian
Scholars' Press.