Critical Overview and Character Analysis of Dexter Morgan


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The beginning:
Critical Overview & Character Analysis: Dexter Morgan
For this project a series one showing of “Dexter” was viewed. From the season one, the show follows the daily activities and life of Dexter Morgan. Dexter is a blood splatter expert for the Miami Metro Police Department by day and a conflicted serial killer by night. This episode one of Season one is titled “Dexter” and the plot of the story is centered on a serial killers dismembering of prostitute’s bodies throughout the Miami area. Dexter is called out on these cases to find that the women have been dismembered; their blood drained and remains strategically placed by the killer, without their heads. Throughout this episode Dexter expresses positive regard and a pleasant...
The end:
.....the series believable, as well as interesting. Most people however would not have the ability to identify with Dexter, and his thought process or acts of violence, but the show itself illicit those feelings. It certainly leaves the viewer wondering if Dexter is a cold blooded killer, or if he is a hero that betters the world through interjecting his own justice to those that have broken society’s code of conduct!
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