Critical Appraisal of a Study on Breastfeeding


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The beginning:
Critical Appraisal of a Study on Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is known to be highly beneficial and
, Williamson and Dickson’s (2005) study was intended to improve initiation and duration. This paper will be an appraisal of the extent to which the study purpose was achieved.
The purpose was to examine the effect of early skin-to-skin contact between mothers and their full-term infants on the initiation and duration of breastfeeding. The strength was that the study was seeking a means to improve the chances of breastfeeding. The independent variable consists of skin-to-skin contact. The first dependent variable is the initiation of breastfeeding and the second is the duration. Only mothers who were willing to...
The end:
.....utine care should be an independent variable but was never given focus. There were many variables that were not noticed. The study is therefore weak and ends in a tendency rather than a measureable relationship between variables. One-half of the study purpose had an outcome because duration was unaffected. The study should be redone with careful control over and measurement of variables.
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