Critical Analysis of an Obesity Article


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Critical Analysis of an Obesity Article
Kosti et al. (2008) argue that the medical condition of obesity (defined as having a body mass index, or BMI, of 30 or above) is not a product of genetics and environment, but rather of lifestyle. To make this point, they conducted a study of Greek adolescents and parents that concludes that obesity is primarily a function of lifestyle, which is primarily a function of accumulated individual choices about eating styles.
Summary of the Article
Kosti et al. (2008) employed the Vyronas study of Greek adolescents and their parents as a basis for statistical analysis intended to reveal the influence of parental BMI on the BMI of adolescent children. Data was collected partly by means of a...
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.....he same environments can display very wide differences in BMI.
Kosti et al.’s (2008) article is important for its empirical proof of the hypothesis that lifestyle choices are the primary predictors of overweight and obesity, with its specific contribution coming in the form of the data point that adolescents’ imitative behavior of same-sex parents may be the mechanism for their overweight or obese status.
Kosti, R.I., Panagiotakos, D.B., Tountas, Y., Mihas, C.C.,
Alevizos, A., & Mariolis, T. et al. (2008). Parental body mass index in association with the prevalence of overweight/obesity among adolescents in Greece; dietary and lifestyle habits in the context of the family environment: The Vyronas study. Appetite, 51, 218-222.