Criminal World: The Polarized White Cop/Black Drug Dealer Dynamic


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Criminal World: The Polarized White Cop/Black Drug Dealer Dynamic
A Critical Commentary on American Gangster and the Problem of Racism in the American Crime Film Genre
This film study will analyze the historical problems with the historical representation of the white cop/black drug dealer as a racial conflict in American Gangster by Ridley Scott. The racial profiling of African American males in American film has primarily been a criminalizing element, which is evident in the drug dealer/cop dynamic as a historical perspective in American society. Often, history is reinterpreted through a racially divided lens, which provides a conflicting dualism about the identity of those committing and preventing crimes in the American crime film...
The end:
.....text in which he must get the “bad guy.” While it is difficult to place a racial delineation for the “bad guy” in the real world drug trade (white people of all classes also deal drugs), this film provides a narrow racially motivated conflict between “good” white cops and the “bad” African American drug dealer as a stereotypically narrow film on race relations in the American crime genre.
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