Criminal Activity in the British Columbian Media


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The beginning:
Criminal Activity in the British Columbian Media
One of the interesting things about criminal activity in the British Columbian media is how it is so unsexy. I believe this is because the province and its media community feel a responsibility to not make crime sexy. Most of the mainstream media print outlets honour this approach. In order to prove this point, this essay is about Vancouver’s notorious Bacon Brothers, and the lack of shill coverage their rampages through the Lower Mainland have generated.
For the last couple of years, the Bacon Brothers have been the focus of ongoing media scrutiny for their flagrant, even baffling disregard for the law. Their income seems to derive from the sale of marijuana, and they have been seen in...
The end:
CBC News (2009, April 21). Alleged UN gang members charged with conspiring to kill Bacon brothers. CBC News.
Smith, Charlie. (2009, April 4). Bacon brothers associate Dennis Karbonovec pleads guilty to second-degree murder. The Georgia Straight.
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