Criminal Activity as “Social” Events


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Criminal Activity as “Social” Events
There are more ways to explain criminal behavior than just examining the characteristics of the offenders. One of these approaches is to concentrate on the social and physical circumstances in which offenders carry out their criminal acts.  In their paper, Social Change and Crime Rate Trends, Cohen and 
 argued trends in crime rates “in terms of changes in the ‘routine activities’ of everyday life.” (1979, p. 589) Similarly, Sacco and Kennedy explained criminal events in terms of precursors, transactions, and aftermaths and “social domains” as the setting for these criminal events. (2008). Thus, according to this line of thinking, crimes should be viewed as “social” events.  This paper will...
The end:
.....event (precursors, transactions and aftermath) combined with “social domains” (family and household, leisure, and work) are important factors that can predict criminal behavior. In light of these important contributions, it is not enough to only examine the characteristics of criminal offenders but also the physical and social settings of criminal events as well. 
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