Creative Industries Management and Fashion Entrepreneurship


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Creative Industries Management and Fashion Entrepreneurship
The fashion and creative industries are challenging and competitive, so it is essential to be well equipped with an array of entrepreneurial skills. Successful fashion businesses of the future will not just be those that produce the best fashion but will capitalize on information, business acumen and innovation in the unstable global economy. The ability to capitalize in these areas is a key asset for fashion industry professionals (designers, stylists) wishing to accomplish something of value in fashion design, manufacture and retail. Fashion professionals must now anticipate the future needs of consumers, recognize new business opportunities, and create something new and of...
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.....selves when they wear or showcase a piece.
The fashion industry is a key player within the creative industries and as such, is a key sector within most economies. It is essential that entrepreneurs understand the full extent of the fashion industry and where they might find potential business opportunities. Our global economy today demands prospective entrepreneurs to be more knowledgeable and flexible to meet the ever-changing demands of fashion and the fashion industry. Fashion is more creative and progressive in the 21st century than ever before. Buyers are always looking for the next fad or fashion trends. A successful fashion entrepreneur will always keep this in mind and design pieces that reflect their constant awareness of the same.