Creating a Nursing Theory for a Memorable Situation


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Creating a Nursing Theory for a Memorable Situation
The following paper will create a nursing theory for a memorable situation involving this writer and a terminally ill child. The paper shall define each of four meta-paradigm concepts and will use these definitions as a springboard to a personal nursing theory that shall facilitate my practice in the years ahead. I should add that I will describe each meta-paradigm concept based on an analysis of my own memorable experience from a few years’ ago. Ultimately, my personal nursing theory is an empathetic, holistic, humanistic and patient-centered approach that employs the strategies of Carl Rogers and my own experiences dealing with a child who died many decades too soon....
The end:
.....the agenda and what they wish to talk about. I feel that all meta-paradigms must be interpreted and envisaged in the broadest possible sense and that dealing with any young person in this situation calls for treating them gently and generously – for they are the priority and not your own convenience. I should also add that my own general belief that humans have the right to make their own choices meant that I allowed the patient in question to talk about whatever she wanted to talk about; I did not deign to impress my values upon her or take the conversation in a direction I believed it needed to go. In that sense, I think that human beings have the right, even the children, to decide what issues they want to confront when death draws near.