Creating a New Normal in Grandin’s “Thinking in Pictures”


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The beginning:
Creating a New Normal in Grandin's "Thinking in Pictures"
provides an example of how people with autism can be successful.
phenomenal professional success raises a number of important questions about the definition of normal.
In this essay it will be argued that Thinking in Pictures suggests that the concepts of disability and normal should be recreated. Two articles that are related to Thinking in Pictures will be examined to prove that the definitions of normal and disability need to be recreated. In the article “The Meaning of Autism” Sara O’Neil shows how autism is being
so that people with autism are different but normal. In “Being Normally Different? Changes in Normalization Processes”
The end:
.....w definition of normal based on being able to interact in a socially appropriate. This will mean that disabled people will not have to deal with the stigma of being considered abnormal.
story indicates that supposedly disabled people can be considered normal and that their ways of thinking and perceiving the world are not pathological. Instead
just displays a different way of being normal.
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