Creating a New Educational Model


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The beginning:
Creating a New Educational Model
Introduction to the Issue
With the advent of globalization and social media, public sector decision making on education has expanded to include more stakeholders than ever before. This indicates that the idea of educational governance may also be changing within the minds of different national citizens around the world. In this way, the public education system is naturally evolving, but at the same time changing values and educational norms can benefit from the best practices put forward by education administrators and planners in other countries. To this end, it is important to evaluate the ways in which educational models can be informed by global values and ideas. This paper serves to examine these best...
The end:
.....e, S., & Miranda, C. (2006). How to Bring Our
Schools Out of the 20th Century. Time, 168(25), 50-56.
Although it was published in a popular magazine, this paper was written by university researchers and it has been extensively cited. It provided real-life examples of new educational models used by specific schools in the United States.
Wilson, S., Liber, O., Johnson, M., Beauvoir, P., Sharples, P. &
Milligan, C. (2007). Personal Learning Environments: Challenging the dominant design of educational systems. Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society, 3 (2), 27-38.
This paper detailed the need for differentiated instruction in any future educational models developed for a globalized society, which informed the creation of this model.