Cosmogonies, Cosmological arguments, Existence of God


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Cosmogonies, Cosmological arguments, Existence of God
QUESTION #1: You are to analyze and interpret, in detail these two COSMOGONIES in order to highlight the SYMBOLIC WORLD VIEWS. Characteristic of later JUDAIC CHRISITIAN and ISLAMIC traditions (Genesis) and HINDU traditions (THE LAWS OF MANU). Finally you are to conclude your essay with a discussion of the PROBLEM OF EVIL as interpreted by JUDAIC, CHRISTIAN, ISLAMIC AND HINDU religious traditions. 
Genesis Chapter One and the Laws of Manu are filled with interpretations of how the world as we know it came to be. Any writing of what life was like in the past is at best filed with recollection and assumption. The truth for each individual regarding creation is based on the way in which...
The end:
.....istence of God is a common thread in eastern and western religions. The deeper question is not does God exist, but how does God relate to the universe. It is important to note that not all western religions believe in the existence of God. Some western religions also argue that God is separate from the universe. These beliefs are not a part of western or eastern religions that stem from the 
 religions believe that the universe and man was created by on all powerful God. Eastern religions tend to let God simply exist without questioning God’s existence. 
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