Corporate Communication: Fantasy Organization and Employee Satisfaction


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The beginning:
This paper is two assignments. The first assignment is explanation of communication within a fantasy organization. The fantasy organization is a daycare center that specializes in reading programs. There are also two memorandums as examples of employee communications, one announcing a merit pay system and the other announcing reductions in workforce. The second assignment is a review of employee satisfaction and how the organization tries to ensure that the employees are happy with their job.
Corporate Communication: Fantasy Organization and Employee Satisfaction
The size of the company being comparatively small with just twenty six full time employees allows for certain flexibility in communication, but the varying tasks and...
The end:
.....the course of their destiny leads to lower job satisfaction (Johnson 2010, p.19). Everyone likes to feel important.
It is deeply ingrained in the company's philosophy that job satisfaction is what makes the organization special and contributes to a truly unique program. If employees feel that they are appreciated, treated fairly, and have a stake in the company then job satisfaction will naturally follow.
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