Coping (And Not) with Stereotyping


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The beginning:
Coping (And Not) with Stereotyping
Judith Ortiz
, a Latina, and Brent Staples, an African-American are proof that stereotyping still exists in this land of the free. As these two writers explain, however, there is a way to cope and overcome the indignities of being singled out as a member of a minority.
, a highly educated poet, essayist and writer, begins her essay with the sad reminiscence of her bus trip from Oxford University where she was earning graduate credits, being “serenaded” by a drunken young man, who “with both hands over his heart, he broke into an Irish tenor’s rendition of ‘Maria’ from West Side Story” (
, 1993, p. 172). Ms
explains that she remained calm and civil.
For some reason West Side...
The end:
.....lts of being stereotyped. Ms.
writes and lectures about getting “respect.” Mr. Staples claims he reduces his anxieties by whistling Beethoven and
. Yet, in both cases, and others, stereotyping is a reality because some people only judge outer appearances rather than the individual himself.
Frankly, I am not sure that I would be even-tempered if I were insulted with a stereotypical slur about my gender, sexual preference, weight, religion or ethnic background. In fact, I might retaliate with similar language. I envy those who can deal with stereotyping and remain calm (at least on the outside).
, J. O.: “The Myth of the Latin Woman”
Staples, B.: “Black Men and Public Space”
From: Chapter 4: Between Perceptions