“Cooked”: From Drug Lord to Master Chef


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The beginning:
"Cooked": From Drug Lord to Master Chef
Cooked is about Jeff Henderson’s difficult youth in California and how he becomes a well-paid drug dealer. After living a life where he suddenly takes in $35,000 a week selling crack, Jeff goes to prison for ten years, learns to cook in prison, and eventually becomes a world-class chef. When Henderson is able to accept himself and his guilt, he educates himself and is able to find what he loves and form meaningful relationships with others.
An African American, Jeff grew up poor in Los Angeles and began stealing money from his grandfather and then his aunts. He had seen his grandfather take quarters from machines at one of the places he worked, so Jeff saw this and learned to steal. After he got...
The end:
.....ecause it shows that the American Dream can still work, and it shows how. Most people just think about the money, and we get to see how being a drug dealer provides all that cash. But we also get to see the consequences, and get to see a real human being rehabilitate himself and find wealth in an honest career. Some of the most exciting passages are about Jeff’s “tasting” tryout that he has to do to get a job at Caesar’s Palace. It is great to see how he had become a master chef and could prepare unusual menus and fix any problems quickly without swearing or having a fit. I was just so amazed that he had become a new person. This was an inspiring book, and particularly made me grateful for giving up any bad habits or bad friends I ever had.