Converting Information to Knowledge and Knowledge-Sharing


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Converting Information to Knowledge and Knowledge-Sharing
The conversion of information and data to useful knowledge is not as simple as compiling consumer statistics or gathering information on employee work habits. Businesses of today have recognized the need to transform data into more useful forms that can guide business principles and goals. An examination of the processes companies follow to create useful knowledge from data and information, as well as the activities and strategies used to promote knowledge sharing within an organization, illustrates essential components of building a strong and successful business.
The first step in the conversion of information to knowledge is to identify “why, where, and to what extent the...
The end:
.....he companies of today that use processes which can convert data to knowledge and develop knowledge sharing activities will be the companies of tomorrow, and will help to shape the future of the American economy and may ultimately help redefine capitalism as a system of knowledge-sharing.
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