Contrasting Views on the Reign of Hatshepsut in Egypt


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Contrasting Views on the Reign of Hatshepsut in Egypt
This paper will critically examine four contrasting views of the accession of Hatshepsut, her relationship with her stepson Thutmose III and the significant achievements and events of her reign. The paper will address issues raised by four historians, Clayton in Chronicles of the Pharaohs; Gardiner in Egypt of the Pharaohs; Redford in “The reign of Hatshepsut” in History and Chronicles of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt; and Robins, Women in Ancient Egypt. The paper will focus on the following questions: How does each of the historians characterize the accession of Hatshepsut to the Egyptian kingship? What evidence does each source rely on as the basis for such characterization? How...
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.....), and that many of Hatshepsut monuments were destroyed or carved over by Thutmose III. Thus the historical records upon which historians rely are often unreliable, and Gardiner points out that her name was often replaced by those of Thutmose I and II. Redford even argues that the lack of evidence of
war campaigns is due to Thutmose III erasing evidence in this fashion in order to avoid comparison with his own military endeavours.References
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