Continuous Quality Improvement and the US Military


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This paper shall discuss the total quality management discipline of continuous quality improvement and how it could be successfully implemented by the United States military, 
Continuous Quality Improvement and the US Military 
Efficient operations are at the core of any successful corporation. Profit and shareholder returns are the primary motivating factor that leads to the adoption of total quality management (TQM) systems being implemented within these organizations. Nevertheless, systems management should be understood to be an extremely important aspect within the United States military, where the soldiers face life and death situations during combat. Although there exist a handful of TQM operations models such as Six Sigma...
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.....ry requisite atmosphere for CQI to succeed. Japanese culture had a lot to do with the successful implementation of CQI within their large multinational corporations. Given the additional strategic strengths of this methodology of operations strategy and management versus alternative theories, and it is little wonder why the military has adopted CQI to increase efficiencies and streamline information systems.
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