Continuities between the African-American Civil Rights Movement and Gay/Lesbian Rights


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Continuities between the African-American Civil Rights Movement and Gay/Lesbian Rights: Are We Revisiting Old Terrain in 2010?
The cultural identity group the ensuing paper looks at are American gays and lesbians. The paper shall endeavour to reveal the extent to which the gay and lesbian rights crusade of the current age is comparable to the civil rights movement of the past century. The real issue at play when we look at matters such as the furor over gay marriage or the furor concerning the US military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, policy, is the issue of whether or not the perceived discrimination against gay and lesbian Americans is truly a constitutional issue. Naturally, this is a complex matter for the simple fact that, if you look at...
The end:
.....t have been congenial to gays before the 1990s, they were forced out of many possible occupations.
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