Contemporary Gothic Representations of Femininity and the Female Body


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The beginning:
Contemporary Gothic Representations of Femininity and the Female Body
As we have discussed in our course materials,
shows us the practice of men performing femininity in order to make certain points about identity, gender and the spirit world; comparably or similarly, Marilyn Manson often cross-
into some version or variant of the feminine in order to lodge his complaint against the conventionality of gender assignations. Furthermore, Cindy Sherman often will render the female body into pieces, and Michael Jackson’s body graduated beyond gender into something entirely novel in the final years of his life. The ensuing paper will predominantly look at the works of Marilyn Manson and Cindy Sherman and shall explore how the...
The end:
.....the two that we find in conventional society. In the end, the gothic aims to present gender and sexuality in a fashion that is both frightening to the masses but also instructive, too.
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