Consumer Decision Rules in the Purchase of a New Product


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Consumer Decision Rules in the Purchase of a New Product
This paper shall discuss the various customer decision rules that would play a role in the purchase of a new household cleaning product.
Consumer Decision Rules
Having to clean the bathroom is task often greeted with gloom. Mold in the shower, hair in the sink, dirt on the floor and who knows what in and around the toilet. A new product that would automatically clean and sanitize these problem areas would likely be met with significant interest from anyone who regularly is tasked with keeping bathrooms clean. Nonetheless, the marketer in charge of introducing this technological innovation will still need to take into consideration the various consumer decision rules that...
The end:
.....tands the steps that go into a consumer’s decision rules, they will have a greater chance of taking actions that will appeal to consumers who have identified a problem (cleaning the bathroom takes too long) and wish to purchase something to solve said problem.
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