Consumer Culture Analysis: Youth Culture and Consumer Culture


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The beginning:
Consumer Culture Analysis: Youth Culture and Consumer Culture
This paper will address the question of to what extent consumer ideology affects youth consumers and how young consumers influence consumer ideology as a whole. The question is an intriguing one insofar as young people are always a coveted consumer demographic – not least of all because they like spending money (even if it happens to be their parents’ money) – and because a case can be made that we live in a North American society that is very much a youth culture. In the end, by looking at the world of television, the world of film, the world of music, the world of fashion, and even the realms of architecture and art, we can see that acquisitive capitalist consumer ideology...
The end:
.....mpulsive, thoughtless consumers, then we are moving in that direction as a society – at least amongst our young.
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