Construction Management: Value Engineering Report


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Construction Management: Value Engineering Report
Executive Summary
The City University is considering building a second version of the existing Jockey Club Environmental Building (JCEB), to be named JCEB2. In the current economic environment, it is imperative that the value of JCEB2 be maximized, i.e. by eliminating any unnecessary costs associated with the building. The University has requested a value engineering analysis of the existing JCEB in order to determine how JCEB2 could be improved. This report contains these analyses, along with an introduction to, and appraisal of, value engineering in this context. The conclusion is that the value engineering paradigm requires only incremental changes to JCEB2; the existing JCEB is a sound...
The end:
.....itself plenty of money in the process without losing any of the building’s functional characteristics.
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