Constitutional Reform According to Hudson and Sabato


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Constitutional Reform According to Hudson and Sabato
Reform in any political arena is such an overwhelming undertaking that few, if any advocates, seriously put forth ideas and expect them to be taken into consideration. An even weightier Sisyphean venture would be to advocate change within America’s most sacred foundation, her Constitution. However, professors, authors, and scholars Larry J. Sabato and William E. Hudson have undertaken this issue, suggesting that reformation of the Constitution of the United States is essential for continued political effectiveness. Both outline methods for reformation, in what amounts to practical manuals for fixing what is wrong with the Constitution,...
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..... views. Perhaps both men are right, that the Constitution is insufficient to meet the needs of a changed society. Perhaps change is inevitable. Perhaps both men are accurate in demonstrating the difficulty. Yet it has yet to be accomplished, so in the final analysis both men’s views are without teeth, because they are little more than words in the wind at present. Perhaps they will one day be more, but in truth is very unlikely.
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