Consensual Texting Between Minors Should Be Legal in the United States


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Consensual Texting Between Minors Should Be Legal in the United States
This paper argues that sexting in the United States – at least between minors – should be permitted as long as it is consensual and between private parties; anything that is non-consensual and that involves people having intimate photos and images transmitted to third parties should not be allowed. If sexting is consensual, this paper maintains that it should be rendered legal. The ensuing several pages will underscore this point.
Clearly, there is a widespread fear that sexting can – and often does – lead to digital images being privately shared amongst teens; there is a general concern that teens will have compromising photos end up in the wrong hands and that the...
The end:
.....then we can curb a lot of the dangerous and unpleasant things that do happen and we can spare our children a great deal of pain; we also prepare them for entry into healthy adult relationships that can lead to mutual understanding and a recognition of the value of mutual respect and empathy. This is why draconian measures should be avoided.
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