Conflict Resolution of a Nursing Workplace Scenario


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Conflict Resolution of a Nursing Workplace Scenario
Being a team leader is a challenging position, particularly when one is supervising employees who are in conflict. It becomes a subtle but stressful match of wills, without trying to lose sight of the best interests of healthcare delivery.
My responsibility therefore is first to the patients, but vicariously through my staff. My primary obligation is to create a positive practice environment (PPE), in order to ensure the appropriate quality of care is being delivered (“Quality Workplaces for Quality Care”).
Of course, providing this is challenging – it can create an immediate backlash from the employees who may believe they are being singled out for their performance. This has the...
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..... may drop by to speak with me at any time about any issue.
Not all conflict resolution is successful. However, by being as candid as possible with the staff and allowing them to speak up about what might be bother them, I would hope to resolve a situation that is growing untenable and avoid potential harm that could befall patients.
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