Concepts and Applications of Leadership Style


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Concepts and Applications of Leadership Style
A leadership style is a preferred but not necessarily an invariant approach to leading inferiors and (except for the very highest positions) dealing with superiors in an organization. A consistent leadership style is an asset in an organization because it allows others to deal with you as a known quantity. Except in some specialized areas, such as research and development, where originality is prioritized over everything else, an excessively innovative leadership style will disrupt the smooth working of an organization.
Most people find they are only comfortable with a subset of the possible range of leadership styles; Howard (2005), for instance, asserts that only 3% of leaders are equally...
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.....k environment, but is not nearly as controllable as some modern managers might like. If my work changes I will be on the lookout for any changes that might be required in my leadership style to suit the demands of my new position.
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