Concept of Caring


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Concept of Caring
The concept clarification process is essential for gaining understanding of the highly complex concept of caring. The problem with caring is that it is extremely paradoxical; when men care it is heroic but when women care, the concept is devalued. Caring has various meanings depending on the situation and can range from wiping a tear to saving lives. However, the real meaning of caring is found in a profession such as nursing where the concept refers to disciplined care with definite strategies and boundaries. Students and care providers from other disciplines sometimes understand the concept of caring in a similar way as nurses as well as nurse theorists.
Literature Review
In its most basic form, caring has...
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Millions and millions of facesOf people we don’t knowThey live around the worldAll colours and creedsBut with an outstretched handWe can care for them allCaring is somethingThat comes naturallyWe care for our loved onesAs they grow oldWe care for our childrenThe new seeds we’ve sowedCaring is a natural thingWe do it all the timeWe never really realizeBut we do it all the sameIt is only when someone thanks usThat we realize we care11 April 2007 David Harris