Computing Culture: Action and Structure


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Computing Culture: Action and Structure
Part 1
According to Gieryn (1989), the idea of structure refers to the fact that situations can be assessed by the social context in which they are situated. Structural analysis is therefore linked to the idea that events in society are predicated on this social context. Action, on the other hand, according to Gieryn (1989), indicates that each social actor has the ability to change the results of their futures according to their will in order to satisfy their needs and their wants. Actors are only caused to fail by the actions of other agents who may have the ability to reach a goal first or prevent an individual from reaching their own goal directly.
In the Digital Youth Research Project, there are...
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.....f Gieryn (1989), it is centred on action analysis over structural analysis despite the fact that the research team splits its focus between interest-driven and socially-driven youth actions online.
Digital Youth Research Project. (2008). Official website.
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