Computer Technology Overview


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Computer Technology Overview
Data Output
There are a number of options for obtaining data output. For example, consider three popular kinds of documents: the resume, the memorandum, and the company annual report. In the case of the resume, there are a number of output options. If the resume is to be e-mailed, the best output option might be a Word document. However, PDF and JPEG are also options, especially if sending a resume to someone with Word.
Memoranda are often typed out directly into e-mail clients, as the To, CC, and BCC fields make e-mail inherently friendly to the memorandum format. Moreover, as many e-mail programs save sent e-mails, using this format is an excellent way to archive memoranda, and even to see if they have been...
The end: adversely effected. However, this effect does not take place in a predictable or uniform way. Overloaded hard disks are fragmented, and fragmentation slows the computer down, because it has to ‘look’ in many difference places for data that was formerly accessed at a single location.
However, data on CD-ROMs and floppy disks does not slow down computer speed, because these devices are not plugged into, and do not adversely impact, the CPU.
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