Comparisons Between Egypt and Mesopotamia


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Comparisons Between Egypt and Mesopotamia
The civilizations of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia have a number of commonalities. These civilizations occurred during roughly the same time period and were located in the same general part of the world, modern day North Africa and the Middle East respectively. There was much sharing of knowledge bases between both civilizations and the overall analysis of their respective and shared histories provides a unique platform to discuss the similarities and differences of these civilizations.
The people of both civilizations had to cope with extremely harsh environments. Both Egypt and Mesopotamia are located in areas of the world which have intense summers with temperatures reaching well over 110...
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.....nstructed are still not completely known.
The Egyptians also had a great knowledge base which could be construed as a body of scientific knowledge. Medicine, astronomy, and rudimentary chemistry were well known to them. The Egyptians and Mesopotamians introduced a system of medicine including diagnosis and treatment around the same time. As with many of the features of both cultures, there is considerable overlap which renders it difficult to determine as to which culture discovered a knowledge base first. It is well documented that these two civilizations had enormous contact with each other due to their relative proximity. Given the
copious amounts of shared components, it is obvious why both
civilizations developed some similar features.